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Bible Records $20.00
  A Collection of Bible records by NeWGS in conjunction with EWGS, 1996
Cemeteries of the North Half of Ferry County, WA $20.00
  compiled by R & E Lampi, 1997
Civil War Veterans Buried in Stevens County $24.95
  by Roger W. May - Information on almost 300 veterans who are buried in or have lived in Stevens County .... 219 pages with 217 photos
Colville Collection Book 1 $15.95
  by Patrick J. Graham - A collection of nine stories dealing with early history of the Colville Valley ....120 pages plus index
Colville Collection Book 2 $22.95
  Military Fort Colville: by Patrick J. Graham - A history of Military Fort Colville (1859-1882) including its officers, and historical manuscripts of events of that period in Colville and northeastern Washington. ....169 pages plus index
Colville Collection Book 3 $24.95
  Steamboats on the Upper Columbia and Graham Omnibus: by Patrick J. Graham - Includes stories of the Graham family, Colville & Northport, and the border communities of Boundary, Waneta, Fort Shepard, Leadpoint, Cedar Creek & Deep Creek .... 202 pgs plus index
Colville Collection Book 4 $19.95
  Old Dominion Mine...the mine that saved Colville and Jimmie Durkin...A man of his word: by Patrick J. Graham - The story of one of the richest silver/lead ore mines in Washington state and one of the most colorful characters of the era .... 103 pages plus index
Colville Collection Book 5 $24.95
  Catholicism in the Colville Country by Patrick J. Graham, 2014 .... 140 pages plus index
Colville Collection Book 6 $19.95
  Prohibition: Rumrunners, Moonshiners in Northeastern Washington by Patrick J. Graham, 2014 .... 59 pages plus index
Colville Collection Book 7 $24.95
  The White Man Cometh...History of Hudson's Bay Fort Colville by Patrick J. Graham, 2017....113 pages plus bibliography and index
Colville Collection Book 8 $24.95
  GOLD... A History and Tales of Gold and Mining in Northeast Washington by Patrick J. Graham, 2018 .... 73 pages plus bibliography and index
Ferry County Birth & Death Records 1899 - 1911 $5.00
  by NeWGS, 1990
Ferry County Index to Marriage Returns Nov 1900 - July 1932 $8.00
  by NeWGS, 1991
For Whom the Bell Has Tolled $24.95
  by Louis Tomsha - The stories of the early pioneer families of the Valley, Springdale, Jump Off areas of Stevens County. .... 180 pgs plus index
Forgotten Corner $12.95
  by Craig E. Holstine - A history of the Colville National Forest, Washington ....125 pages plus end notes & bibliography
Heart of Hulda, a biography $12.95
  by Nina Miller - The story of the Hanson family who settled on Old Dominion Mountain, 16 miles northeast of Colville ....131 pages
Kettle River Country $24.95
  by Ruth Lakin - Early days along the Kettle River .... 274 pages plus an all-name index
Last Bell $19.95
  by Alpha Naff (reprinted 2005 by NeWGS) - A history of the rural schools in Stevens County ....152 pages, indexed
Laws of Life $8.95
  by Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman to earn a medical degree in America or England in 1849 .... 101 page, no index
Little Journeys Around The Town, Colville, WA $29.95
  An historical (and sometimes humorous) account of the buildings, businesses, and people who were involved in the evolution of Main Street, written in the 1920s by the then-publisher and editor of the Colville Examiner, J.C. Harrigan .... 320 pages, 166 photographs, plus an all-name index
Northport Pioneers $27.95
  compiled by Northport Over Forty Club (reprinted 2009 by NeWGS) - Stories recounting the history of the Northport community .... 293 pgs plus all-name index
People's History of Stevens County $19.95
  (reprinted 2006 by NeWGS) - A history of Stevens County based on 96 oral history interviews done in the early 1980s.....127 pages, plus index
Pioneers of Happy Hill $10.95
  by Jim McMillan (reprinted 2010 by NeWGS) - A look at the early settlers of this area near Ford .... 35 pgs, plus index
Stevens County Births & Deaths 1890 - 1907 $18.00
  by NeWGS, 1997
Stevens County Cemeteries Book 1 $12.50
  Cemeteries of Colville, Washington by NeWGS 1987 - (incl. all cemeteries within 3 miles of Colville - Highland/Calvary, Mountain View Evergreen & Old Catholic Cemetery) .... 240 pgs
Stevens County Cemeteries Book 2 $12.50
  Incorporated Town Cemeteries by NeWGS, 1988 - (includes Chewelah, Kettle Falls, Marcus, Northport and Springdale)...243 pgs
The People Who Will Live in Colville Area History $5.95
  A 1989 centennial celebration book by the Statesman-Examiner, Colville 100 families & people who influenced the area's history ....159 pages
The Second 100 Best Main Stems 1959-1964 $5.00
  Editorials from the Statesman-Examiner relating to events and happenings around Stevens County .... 31 pages
Wets & Drys of Springdale $9.95
  by Rose Brown - A history of the little town of Springdale .... 130 pgs including index
1911-1912 R.L. Polk's Directory $24.95
  of Stevens, Pend Oreille and Ferry Counties listing all town residents and rural tax payers ..... 324 images
1929 and 1930 Telephone Directory $9.95
  for Stevens, Ferry and Pend Oreille Counties - telephone listings for both years on one CD; 44 images of actual pages including advertisements
Northport News $14.95
  This two disk set includes scans of news items appearing in the Northport News from July 11, 1895 to June 30, 1903. The entire newspaper is not scanned, only selected articles.
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