Current NeWGS Projects

Updating the military monument that stands in front of the Colville courthouse (re-dedicated in November 2013 and again in May 2015).

Volunteered as a group to help index the 1940 census

Maintaining a collection of photos pertaining to the history and people of Stevens, Ferry and Pend Oreille counties.

Helped to index the 1910 census for Stevens County (Pend Oreille was still part of Stevens at this time) as well as the early territorial and state censuses for Stevens County, all available online through the Washington State Archives

Extracting and Indexing courthouse records from the Auditor's Office (a continuing project as material becomes available to us).

Clipping news items pertaining to birth, marriage, and obituaries from local newspapers 1986 to present as a continuing project.

The extraction and indexing of local funeral home records dating back to 1912 through 2010 has been completed; this information is not for publication, but is available to our researchers.

Evergreen Cemetery is a continuing project to maintain this pioneer cemetery, including cleanup and repair of headstones.  NeWGS is maintaining a fund for this purpose.  Those interested in contributing to the costs involved, please send donation payable to NeWGS Evergreen Restoration Fund, c/o Colville Public Library, 195 S. Oak, Colville, WA  99114, or donate through the "Donate to NeWGS" button at the left.

If you would like for our researchers to check any of these resources for you, please contact NeWGS Research Staff