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View Record  973.2 She American Colonists in English Records: a guide to direct references in authentic records, passenger lists not in "Hotten", 2 volumes in 1 with index Sherwood, George F. Tudor, b.1867
View Record  online Ancestral Records and Portraits: a compilation from the archives of Chapter 1, the Colonial Dames of America vol. 1 (reprint) Colonial Dames of America. Chapter 1, Baltimore
View Record  973 Dol British Origins of American Colonists 1629-1775 Dollarhide, William
View Record  online Catalogue of Names of the First Puritan Settlers of the Colony of Connecticut: with the time of arrival in the colony, and their standing in society, together with their place of residence, as far as can be discovered by the records, collected from the state and town records Hinman, Rolyal Ralph 1785-1868
View Record  280.4 Wei Colonial Clergy & the Churches of New England, The Weis, Frederick Lewis
View Record  929.73 Mac Colonial Families of the U.S. of A. :in which is given the history, genealogy, and armorial bearings of colonial families who settled in the american Colonies from the time of the settlement of Jamestown, 13th May, 1607, to the Battle of Lexington, 19th April, 1775 (7 vol) (1912) Mackenzie, George Norbury, editor 1851-1919
View Record  online Early New England People: some account of the Ellis, Pemberton, Willard, Prescott, Titcomb, Sewall, and Longfellow, and allied families Titcomb, Sarah E. 1841-1895
View Record  974.8 Maj Early Settlement of Stamford, Connecticut, 1641-1700 Majdalany, Jeanne
View Record  929.37 Cam Emigrants from Scotland to America, 1774-75: copied from a loose bundle of treasury paper in the Public Record Office, London, England Cameron, Viola Root/ compiled and indexed in the London Office of
View Record  929.1 Field Guide for Genealogists Second Edition, A Jacobson, Judy
View Record  974.4 Wac Gaurdians: Pioneering in the Connecticut Valley, The Wackerbarth, Doris H.
View Record  online Genealogical Notes, or contributions to the family history of some first settlers of Connecticut and Massachusetts Goodwin, Nathaniel 1782-1855
View Record  929.1 Hof Genealogical & Local History Books in Print 5th, general & world Hoffman, Marian, Editor
View Record  *929.1 Sch Genealogical Encyclopedia of the Colonial Americas: a complete digest of the records of all the countries of the Western Hemisphere Schaefer, Christina K.
View Record  online German and Swiss settlements of Colonial Pennsylvania; a study of the so-called Pennsylvania Dutch Kuhns, Oscar 1856-1929
View Record  online Good Wives: Image and Reality in the Lives of Women in northern New England, 1650 - 1750 Ulrich, Laurel
View Record  929 AND Great Migration: Immigrants to New England 1634-1635, vol. 4 - (I - L) Anderson, Robert Charles
View Record  929 AND Great Migration: Immigrants to New England 1634-1635, vol. 5 - (M - P) Anderson, Robert Charles
View Record  929 AND Great Migration: Immigrants to New England 1634-1635, vol. 6 - (R - S) Anderson, Robert Charles
View Record  929 AND Great Migration: Immigrants to New England 1634-1635, vol. 7 - (T -Y) Anderson, Robert Charles
View Record  929 Pfe Hidden Sources: Family History in Unlikely Places Pfeiffer, Laura Szucs
View Record  online Historic background and annals of the Swiss and German pioneer settlers of southeastern Pennsylvania, and of their remote ancestors, from the middle of the Dark Ages, down to the time of the Revolutionary War Eshleman, H. Frank
View Record  929.42 Kel Names, Names, and More Names: Locating Your Dutch Ancestors in Colonial America Kelly, Arthur C. M.
View Record  *online Now in our Fourth Century: Some American Families: a documentary and pictorial history of more than twenty families who were well settled in the American colonies before the year 1700, and of many of their ancestors, kin, and descendants Drake, Paul
View Record  Q - OR - GF OR (Multnomah Co) - The Bulletin of the Genealogical Forum of Oregon & (online) Newsletter Genealogical Forum of Oregon
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Records: 1 to 25 of 36