Benefits of Membership in NeWGS

Benefits for joining NeWGS are many!  They include the following:
For all members:
  • Access to our Members Only section of our website
  • Class handouts available in our Members Only section of our website (with web links if appropriate)
  • Inclusion in the Surname Research feature of our website
  • 10% discount on books published by NeWGS (either purchased directly from NeWGS in-person or online through PayPal)

For local members:

  • Tips on research techniques from other members at our general meetings
  • Computer help from members
  • Take part in special NeWGS sponsored events
  • Special reduced registration fee for attendees of  NeWGS seminars
  • Opportunities for special classes in many aspects of genealogical research techniques
  • Take part in our monthly door prize drawing. The winner "splits the pot" with the Society, taking half of whatever door prize money was collected that day. 

Join NeWGS by downloading our membership form  (a pdf file) and either mailing it in with your payment or go to our Store and use PayPal (either way we need the information on the form mailed or emailed to us for our records). Thank you for considering a membership in NeWGS!