Pioneers with Pennsylvania Connections

If your ancestor possibly came from Pennsylvania to Stevens County before 1913, you will want to read this article.  Use the "Find" feature under the "Edit" menu to quickly search for your surname if you are in a hurry.

From the Colville Examiner, Saturday, March 29, 1913 :  The Keystoneites

From Colville News Bureau:

On March 21, 1913, the native Pennsylvanians residing in Stevens county, Washington, met in the Rickey block in Colville for the purpose of organizing a Pennsylvania society, there being about fifty native Pennsylvanians present, representing different parts of the county.

After a general hand shaking and a few remarks relating principally to their childhood days and the good pumpkin pies mother used to make back in their native state, a committee was appointed under temporary chairman to draft a constitution and by-laws, who retired to an ante chamber, and during the absence we were entertained by a short talk by our then primary chairman, Howard W. Stull of Johnstown, Pennsylvania, who set forth in his remarks the purpose and object of the society, stating the clannish feeling existing between all Pennsylvanians, who happened to come together in the west, and it was the desire and purpose of this meeting to foster this clannish feeling, giving an opportunity for all Pennsylvanians residing in Stevens county or elsewhere in the state to get together and become better acquainted, and it was found on counting noses that many Pennsylvanians, who had been neighbors many months, or living in the same town as fellow business men, did not know they were related by the kindred ties that are felt by all citizens of the same state,

After Mr. Stull’s remarks and remarks by several other members present the committee on constitution turned in its report and after action on same had been taken the following native Pennsylvanians were elected to office:


Howard W. Stull, Colville, Washington, president.
W. H. Anderson, Rice, Washington, first vice president
Mrs. Gertrude Exley, Colville, Washington, second vice president.
J. M. Mohney, Addy, Washington, third vice president.
Miss Sina B. Jackson, Colville, Washington. secretary.
Mrs. Edna Pond, Colville, Washington, treasurer.

Following is a list of the active members enrolled:

Lewis A. Kerr, Gayleton, Potter county.
Nettie Bancroft, Kane, McKean county.
Eva Jackson, Nansen, Elk county.
Esther Smock, Ridgway, Elk county.
J. Jane Stull, Johnstown, Cambria county.
Sarah J. Anthony, Sykesville, Jefferson county.
Margaret Hulitt, St. Marys, Elk county.
Annie Conner, Brockwayville, Jefferson county.
Lillie Diehl, Shippenville, Clarion county.
Olive Biggs, Kane, McKean county.
Gertrude Exley, Sheffield , Warren county.
Mrs. M. Boyd, Sheffield, Warren county.
Victor Moran, Wattsburg, Eric county.
J.S. Diehl, Shippenville, Clarion county.
D.S. Diehl, Shippenville, Clarion county.
Sina B. Jackson, Nansen, Elk county.
W.H. Anderson, Fernwood, Delaware county.
Sam Douglas, Waynesboro, Franklin county.
A.R Crowe, Corica, Clarion county.
Mrs. A.R. Crowe, Corica, Clarion county.
Lucia Moran, Wattsburg, Erie county.
Lenwood Bancroft, Kane, McKean county.
Hayward 0. Bair, Punxsutawney, Jefferson county.
H. F. Moser, Tyrone.
D.L. Campbell, Kinzua, Warren county.
Mrs. D. L. Campbell, Kinzua, Warren county.
B. M. Carbaugh, Tionesta, Forest county.
Silas Smock, Ridgway, Elk county.
Mrs. V.E. Baker, Shippenville, Clarion county.
Martha Diehl, Shippenville, Clarion county.
Florence Jackson, Nansen, Elk county.
J.S. Hendricks, Pittsburg, Allegheny county.
Daniel Knauss, Strondsburg, Monroe county.
J.M. Mohney, Brookville, Jefferson county.
Milo Broughner, Krankljn, Venango county.
Howard W. Stull, Johnstown, Cambria county.
James Lesh, Warren county.
William Lesh, Warren county.
Jacob Lesh, Warren county.
Benjamin L. Brigham, Venango county.
Edna Pond, Ridgway, Elk county.
H.T. Wentz, Patton, Cambria county.
E.C. Conner, Brockwayville, Jefferson county.
Sidney E. Barnes, Barnes, Warren county.
W.JStambaugh, Mercer county.