Springdale WWII Roll of Honor

Proudly we pay tribute to these men and women
of our community who have answered the call to colors.
The ones with an * following the name were casualties of the war.
The following names appear on a plaque in the City Hall in Springdale (April 2007).  The names were originally displayed on a board in the lobby of the Springdale Farmer’s and Merchants Bank.  After the bank closed the board was on display for many years in the local Forney's Service Station.  After the first City Hall burned and they built a new one, the display board was moved to the new City Hall.  But the new City Hall also burned and the original display board burned with it.  The one they now have at City Hall replaces that original board.   (contributed by NeWGS members, Dan and Ida Edmonds)
Charles Ackerman
Charles Addington *
Alrick A. Ahlskog
Harry E. Anderson
Niles Avery
Eldon Baker
Kyle Baker
Melvin Baker
Orville W. Baker
Patrick Baldwin
Richard Baldwin
Delbert Belton
Donald A. Bender
Harry R. Block
Eugene E. Boyles
Leland A. Boyles
Leonard Boyles
Ellie F. Brevet
John H. Brown
Dale V. Brunton
Lorn E. Brunton
Bernie C. Bunn
Virgil L. Burch
Stanley M. Butt
Majorie Castrets
Nina A. Castrets
George L. Charbonneau
H. F. Charbonneau
Joseph A. Charbonneau
Howard Christeson
Winford Clark
Jas. L. Cline
Sam Coldwell
Francis Conrad *
Walter G. Conrad *
Harold L. Conway
Charles Coryell
Raymond H. Coryell
Phillip Costich
Clarence J. Coyle
Cyril R. Coyle
Hugh E. Coyle
Jack C. Crossett
William A. Crossett
Homer Curry
Cameron Davis
Layman R. Dixon *
Paul M. Ellis
Louis E. Evart
Denvil E. Fields
Harvey D. Fields
Dallas W. Finch
Wayne L. Finch
George Finnell
H. Linton Fleming
Therral E. Fourt
Elmer E. Franks
Emory E. Franks
Joseph L. Franks
William H. Franks
Roscoe Frye
Floyd E. Galer
B. P. Gillingham
Benton Gillingham
Bryan Gillingham
Byrl T. Goodwin
Eugene V. Goodwin
George Greene *
Douglas Gregory
James W. Griffin
Thomas Griffin
Edward E. Groff
Jesse J. Groff
Francis L. Gunnip
William G. Gunnip
George Halverson
Don Hart
Laura S. Hartill
Leslie R. Hewitt
Fred Hinman
Joseph M. House Jr. *
Elsie Jepsen
Charles H. Jepsen
David A. Johnson
Amos Johnson
Donald F. Keller
Joe D. Keller
Claude Kincad
Clea E. Kinney
Dan Kish
George Lapray
Alfred J. Leliefeld
Arnold L. Leliefeld
Francis L. Link
Marvin W. Lockwood
Delmer H. Lumberg
Donald S. MacMillan
Thornton Magers
Walter E. Maki
Theodore Marshall
Lyal A. Martin
Albert R. Matherly
John W. Matherly
Wayne Matherly
Lyle G. McGee
John McMillan
Edwin D. Murbach
N. Eric Nelson
Reid I. Newhouse
Floyd T. Norris
Jesse H. Norris
Albert M. Oien
Arthur H. Oien
Martin G. Oien
George Olinger
Sterling Osborne
William Papan
James J. Parent
Victor F. Paullas
Merritt E. Percy
Roy W. Perkins
Lester V. Porter
Albert L. Poteet
Irvin A. Potter
Clinton R. Rains
Delmar C. Reiman
Forrest S. Riggs *
William Riggs
Everett Riley
Ivan H. Routson
Carl T. Russell
Dale E. Sailor
Donald F. Scharffer
Harold L. Schrog
Harry V. Selder
Ernest C. Shaw
Eugene D. Shaw
Floyd J. Shaw
Glen E. Shaw
Robert H. Shaw *
Carl D. Shuler *
Leslie Shuler
Rollo C. Shuler
Glen H. Simmelink
Harvey Simmelink
Arlin A. Smith
Eva Jo Smith
Vernon R. Smith
Albin Solum
Leland Solum
Everett Sorenson
Russell Sousley
Joseph Stack
William R. Steury
Allen F. Stratton
Roger N. Tarbet
M. E. Torgersen
W. Emory Tyree
Etienne D. VanDissell
Arthur D. Vietzke
Emmett M. Webb
C. Weitensteiner
George Wesley
Henery Wesley
Donald L. Wheelock
Junior C. Wheelock
Glen Willard *
Oral R. Willard
Rex W. Willard
Rudolph Willging
William Willging
Leonard Woods
Weston E. Yapp *
George W. Zickefoose *
Perry W. Zickefoose *
Milton H. Zimbelman