The Little Pend Oreille Lakes Remembered

compiled by Jan Howell, 2021
This book has been in the works for over 25 years when Elva Pankaetz, Auxiliary Historian for Stevens County Fire District #9, began keeping a scrapbook filled with stories and pictures collected from residents around the lakes. Jan filled that position after Elva retired in 2003 and continued to add to that collection. Due to the sheer volume of stories shared, a book became inevitable. You will find information about some of the early settlers and the families that live around the lakes today with over 400 photos included, many dating back to “the early days.” And many of the photos are in color so you can appreciate the beauty of this area.
Little Pend Oreille Lakes Trivia and Early History
Maps of the Area
Stevens County Fire Protection District #9
Coffin Lake - including 760th and Spruce Canyon Boys Ranch
Lake Sherry - including Sherry Channel properties and the Boy Scout Camp
Lake Gillette - including "Tale of Two Little Pend Oreille Cabins"
Lake Thomas - including Princess Pines Camp
Lake Heritage
Lake Leo
Frater Lake
Nile Lake
The Resorts - Willett, Milliren, Workman, Hudon, Porter/Lowes, McCurdy
.......................Heritage (including Nell Shipman's story), Trimble
.......................Comus Diane, Beaver Lodge, Tiger Triathlon
Communities & Schools - Tiger, Middleport, Forest Home & Middleport Schools
Places to Go, Things to Do, Campgrounds
Appendix - Early Homesteaders in T36N R42E
ISBN 978-0-9846229-8-6