Forgotten Corner

.... a History of the Colville National Forest, Washington
by Craig. E. Holstein
Published by the Statesman-Examiner, Inc., Colville, WA, 1987. Pictures, maps, charts, 132 pages include a 5 page bibliography.
The story of how the forested wilderness in the northeast corner of the state of Washington came to become part of the Colville National Forest. The progression of use prior to March, 1907 when President Theodore Roosevelt proclaimed the Colville Forest as a Reseve. Then the development, use, and management through the years up to the early 1980’s. Originally written for Mr. Holstein’s master’s thesis in history at WSU.
Chapter 1 - Vanishing Wilderness: Northeast Washington and the End of the Frontier
Chapter 2 - New Frontiers: Conservation and Creation of the Colville National Forest
Chapter 3 - Rangers, Radicals and Knotheads: Taming Man and Nature
Chapter 4 - Relief and Recovery: The CCC on the CNF
Chapter 5 - Borne upon the Wind: Sowing the Seeds of Change
Chapter 6 - Wilderness Revisited: A Sense of Time and Place