Colville Collection Book Four

Old Dominion Mine...the mine that saved Colville and Jimmie Durkin...a man of his word
compiled by Patrick J. Graham, 2010

Old Dominion Mine lies only 8 miles east of Colville on the southeast face of Old Dominion Mountain. It was there in 1885 that three prospectors discovered one of the richest silver/lead ore mines in Washington state. In his fourth book of his "Colville Collections," the historian/author tells of the significance of the find and how it saved Colville. Also included is the story of Jimmie Durkin who arrived in Colville in 1886 when the Old Dominion Mine was in full production. He built a saloon in Colville, though by that time the town had 11, and became the most successful of them all..103 pages plus index, published in 2010

Chapter 1 - The Discovery
Chapter 2 - Wyatt Earp Episode
Chapter 3 - Old Dominion Money Flows into Colville
Chapter 4 - A Change in Ownership
Chapter 5 - Era of Clarence King
Chapter 6 - Colville Smelter
Chapter 7 - The Name "Prouty"
Chapter 8 - The Linney Era
Chapter 9 - W.Lon Johnson
Chapter 10 - Search Goes On
Chapter 11 - Earl B. Gibbs Era
Chapter 12 - The Decline
Chapter 13 - Old Dominion Mine Today
Chapter 14 - Jimmie Durkin "A Man of His Word"

ISBN: 0-9705654-7-X