Northport Pioneers

...Echoes of the past from the Upper Columbia Country
compiled by Northport Over Forty Club
Originally published in 1981 by the Statesman-Examiner , Colville, WA, and reprinted 2009 by the Northeast Washington Genealogical Society with permission from the Northport Historical Society; 293 pages plus an all-name index

This book has long been recognized as the most complete historical resource for Northport and the surrounding area. It covers the history of the once-thriving town including the mining years, the railroad, the smelter and the many fires that ravaged the town.

Chapter   1: Northport History, Evans and Allen
Chapter   2: Northport History, Ruth Hirsch
Chapter   3: Early Steamers on the Columbia
Chapter   4: Red Mountain Railroad
Chapter   5: Northport Fires, Travis
Chapter   6: Big Fire of 1914, Evans
Chapter   7: Ft. Shepherd ... Boundary Post
Chapter   8: Old Boundary
Chapter   9: Boundary, Graham
Chapter 10: Northport Businesses
Chapter 11: Beard's Store Building
Chapter 12: Places & Landmarks
Chapter 13: Catholic Church
Chapter 14: Unusual Nuggets, Matesa
Chapter 15: Trail Smelter Case
Chapter 16: Excavation of Indian Graves
Chapter 17: Ferry Days 1947 to 1951
Chapter 18: Northport Airport
Chapter 19: Van Stone Mine
followed by individual family stories

ISBN: 0-9705654-6-1