Pioneers of Happy Hill

An Historical Documentary
by Jim McMillan

Originally published in 1981 and reprinted 2010 by the Northeast Washington Genealogical Society;  35 pages plus an all-name index and 9 photos

Although the author says this book covers only a period of about 17 years (1900 to 1917), he tells the story of those early pioneers "who struggled hard and long, against great odds to rest from the earth a meager living in a time when most work was still done by hand and the sweat of the brow." His hope was that "at least in a small way, it will give a bit of immortality to those hardy souls who toiled and lived on those same farms that they wrested from the trees, the bushes and the vines." Happy Hill is an area in the southern part of the county, near Ford, Washington. Family names included are Alkire, Bean, Beck, Brown, Burnson, Cary, Clark, Cunningham, Frazer, Funk, Hammers, Higby, Hill, Hollingsworth, Hofstedt, Hutchins, Jenkins, Jenks, Jensen, Jolly, McMillan, Meyers, Nelson, Ruckhaber, Timmons, and Wollweber.

Chapter   1: The Story of Happy Hill Begins
Chapter   2: Origin of the Name "Nigger Crick"
Chapter   3: A New Town is Born
Chapter   4:  A Murderer Visits Happy Hill
Chapter   5: Recreation
Chapter   6: Butchering
Chapter   7: Education on Happy Hill
Chapter   8: Harvest Time
Chapter   9: Straw Tick Time
Chapter 10: Terror in the Evening Sky
Chapter 11: The Bob Wollweber Family
Chapter 12: The Frank Beck Family
Chapter 13: Telephones on Happy Hill
Chapter 14: Bringing in the Cows

ISBN: 0-9705654-9-6