Colville Collection Book Seven

The White Man Cometh…History of Hudson’s Bay Fort Colville
compiled by Patrick J. Graham, 2017
Many books have touched on the history of HBC Fort Colville, but none have told the full story of the fort that was the most important on the upper Columbia River and controlled Hudson’s Bay’s trade into what is today’s northeast Washington, north Idaho, and western Montana. It was the last HBC fort to close in the United States, when the border with Canada was set. The book also covers the story of the first white men to venture into the Colville Valley and talks about life at the Fort, the leadership and many guests, and the perils of the Indians. ..... 113 pages plus bibliography and index.
Chapter 1 – The White Man Cometh
Chapter 2 – It was all about the Beaver
Chapter 3 – The Voyageurs
Chapter 4 – Chief Factors and Chief Traders
Chapter 5 – HBC Fort Colville 1825-1872
Chapter 6 – Life at the Fort
Chapter 7 – Kettle Falls is Major Fishery
Chapter 8 – Oregon Boundary Dispute