For Whom the Bell Has Tolled

by Louis Tomsha
Originally published in 1990, reprinted 2012 by the Northeast Washington Genealogical Society with permission from the Tomsha family, 180 pages plus an all-name index
This nicely done local history includes the Valley - Springdale - Jump Off areas of southern Stevens County. The author relates the history of many of the early pioneer families of this aea and includes many, many photos of the people and places involved in that history.
Chapters include:
Blasius Tomsha
Senior John Mally family
Jack Kadive
Matt Tomsha family
Jake Tomsha family
Frank Tomsha family
Town of Valley - Cartwright Sanitorium
John Weitensteiner family
Jump Off School - Valley High School
The Church and Cemetery
Spokane Indians
Colville Valley
Peternell family
Frank Stroyan family
John Mally - Kories families
Lucas Stroyan family
Kulzers and Obermiller
Solokar family
Frank Trampus family
Joseph Skok family
John Uderman family
Louie Trampus family
Jake Swan
John Roitz
Mrak famuiy
Joseph Stare
Later Arrivals
Andrew Zwan
Ervin family
Joe Blatnik (original letter)
ISBN: 978-0-9846229-1-7