Colville Collection Book Three

Steamboats on the Upper Columbia
and Graham Omnibus

compiled by Patrick J. Graham, 2009

This addition to the "Colville Collection" series includes a history of the first steamboat, and the many steamboats that followed, that were the main means of transportation on the Upper Columbia River, Arrow Lakes to Revelstoke.  It also includes stories about the Graham family who came from Ireland and settled in the Colville Valley in 1878, about Charles T. Graham growing up in Colville and Boundary ca 1914, stories about 20th century Colville and Northport, and stories about the border communities of Boundary, Waneta, Fort Shepard, Leadpoint, Cedar Creek and Deep Creek....202 pages plus index, published 2009.

Chapter 1 - Steamer "49'er"
Chapter 2 - A Ride on the "49'er"
Chapter 3 - Steamwheelers / Steamboats
Chapter 4 - Graham's Come to Stevens County
Chapter 5 - Growing Up on the Graham Homestead East of Colville
Chapter 6 - We Move to Colville
Chapter 7 - We Move to Boundary
Chapter 8 - Additions to Charles Graham's Memoirs
Chapter 9 - Fort Shepard
Chapter 10 - "New Boundary" and "Boundary"
Chapter 11 - Waneta
Chapter 12 - Rambling Memories

ISBN: 0-9705654-5-3